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Your child deserves the best possible support and encouragement for their education.

After all, they are full of potential and this potential needs the right support to achieve higher levels.

And as a supportive and caring parent, your one decision could set them on the right track.

Top Quality Tutoring For  Your Child

At Bio Chem 123,

We Take Pride In Delivering Top Quality Tutoring


Choosing a top quality tutor is an important decision for any parent.

At Bio Chem 123, we make sure that your child receives the best possible learning experience for their progression.

Our engaging and modern tutoring techniques are based on 3 fundamental pillars:

  • Develop their creative thinking
  • Nurture their problem solving skills
  • Encourage their progressive learning

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What We Offer

Subject Tutoring

Expert tutoring on specialised subjects by subject matter specialist.  


Chemistry & Physics


Test Prep

Making sure your child is ready for all their class tests including mock exams.

Bespoke Fun Quizzes

Exam Boards OCR / Edexcel / AQA

Standardised Testing

Study Skills

Focused routine to develop their wider learning skills on a long term basis.

Science Skills

Essay Writing

Wider World Maths




By choosing Bio Chem 123,

you will be giving your child

the best possible headstart with their studies

Learn From The Comfort of Home!

At Bio Chem 123, we are proud to offer online classes for your child on am integrated secure platform.

Now your child can have their lessons at the comfort of your home, at a time suitable around your household.

Also with online lessons, you have the complete peace of mind that your child is not exposed to any unnecessary risks.

What Parents Say About

Bio Chem 123

Brent was very knowledgeable, patient & kind with my daughter. He explained things in a way which was simple & easy to understand. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a GSCE Science tutor.


Year 11 (AQA Combined Science Trilogy) - September, 2019

My daughter had a revision class with Brent. He reviewed the whole syllabus in two hours. I think Brent has a systematic approach and this make his lesson very efficient. 



Year 10 (AQA Biology) - February 2019"

Brent is a knowledgeable tutor who, works with students to perfect their understanding in a simple structure.  He helped our child to increase their understanding in greater depth. A very good tutor.


BTech Level 3, Applied Science - 30th January, 2020

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Top Quality Tutoring For  Your Child

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